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  • How is the ECO CONTROL SYSTEM (ECS) installed in a building under construction?

    The system was designed for hydraulic installations with a hydraulic pass-through heater heater (gas, solar or electric) or boiler. Installation requires minor changes, replacing the mixer hydraulic taps designed for the shower with the ECS 4-way single lever hydraulic mixing valve. When opening the single lever hydraulic mixer tap, the COLD and potable water that would be wasted is conducted in a return pipe, to a collective hydraulic pipe and then to the reservoir. The drive is mechanical. With the IDEAL BATH WATER TEMPERATURE REACHED and indicated on the ECS DIGITAL THERMOMETER, press the button on the valve and the water starts to flow through the shower head.
    For each housing unit there is an outlet water meter that measures the volume of water returned (saved), generating credit in the water bill of the following month.

  • How is the ECO CONTROL SYSTEM hydraulic system installed in a house under construction?

    The system installation follows the same principle described above for a building under construction. However, for houses and townhouses, it will be necessary to install a small PVC lower reservoir and a small booster pump, to push the COLD water to be returned to the upper reservoir.

  • What equipment and components are needed to install the ECO CONTROL SYSTEM?

    The essential equipment of the ECO CONTROL SYSTEM is the single lever valve or the single lever hydraulic mixing valve (always 4-way), which diverts and returns the still cold water to the reservoir. The system is composed by the ECS DIGITAL THERMOMETER, which is an auxiliary equipment, in addition to the outlet water meter installed in the return pipe, which measures the volume of water returned to the reservoir (the amount of water saved), in addition to supports, pipes and hydraulic connections.


  • Where can I find these equipment and components for installing the ECO CONTROL SYSTEM?

    The single lever valve or the 4-way single lever hydraulic mixing valve, as well as the ECS DIGITAL THERMOMETER and other accessories, are sold by ECO CONTROL SYSTEM. Other hydraulic components can be easily purchased at construction materials retail stores.

  • Can the system also be installed in the bathroom and kitchen sink?

    It is not recommended, due to the low volume of wasted water in the bathroom and kitchen sinks.

  • How long does it take to install the ECO CONTROL SYSTEM in a building?

    The system was designed, predominantly, for new works or infrastructure execution phase and is installed together with the other building plumbing and electrical installations, not impacting, in this situation, the work schedule. The ECO CONTROL SYSTEM can also be used in the retrofit and modernization of existing buildings, with the same effectiveness. However, in these cases, the necessary renovation services take more time to be executed.

  • What is the approximate cost for implementing the ECO CONTROL SYSTEM?

    The cost varies according to the type of building, but does not impact more than 0.35% of the total building erection cost. The investment is recovered in months, due to the savings generated in the water and sewage bill. From the recovery of investment, the economy is perennial.

  • Does recovered, non-wasted drinking water return to the reservoir?

    Yes, all recovered and not wasted water returns to the reservoir, with 100% potability.

  • What water savings does the ECO CONTROL SYSTEM provide in each housing unit, in the process of heating water for the bath?

    The system guarantees ZERO WASTE in the process of heating water for the bath.

  • What is the waste of a single shower in use, supplied by a pass-through heater?

    From 12 liters per minute to 60 liters per minute, depending on the pressure of the public hydraulic network and the type of shower used.

  • How safe is the ECO CONTROL SYSTEM in terms of maintaining the potability of recovered cold water?

    Security is complete. The water recovered to the reservoir maintains the same characteristics as the water supplied by the water supply company, with 100% potability.

  • Is the application of the ECO CONTROL SYSTEM limited to houses and residential buildings?

    No. The System is suitable for hospitals, hotels, inns, industries, schools, gyms and sports centers.

  • Is there a need for electricity to power the system?

    No. The ECO CONTROL SYSTEM works exclusively mechanically, by gravity, not requiring any electrical or alternative energy source.

  • Does the hydraulic installation of the ECS system require specialized labor?

    Every hydraulic installation requires skilled labor. Companies that provide building installation services on the market are able to install the ECO CONTROL SYSTEM. Installation is easy and does not impose any additional difficulty on professionals who routinely perform building hydraulic installation services.




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